Your weight has nothing to do with clothes. (read time 4:02) - Rebecca Rowe | Capsule Creator | Fashion Designer Ottawa

Your weight has nothing to do with clothes. (read time 4:02)

I’ve said it before,

And when I say, “said”, I mean I’ve yelled it, I’ve ranted about it, I’m sure I’ve annoyed everyone who will listen to me about it,


Why? Because fashion is 80% math and 20% creativity.

And if you have a math problem and you’re only working with one variable, you end up confused.

There are certain truths when it comes to fashion;

1) Your body is a 3D object.
2) Your body is a living organism that is designed to change.
3) Clothing is an object, designed to stay the same.

See why things aren’t adding up? (pun intended)

It doesn’t mean that as our body changes we haven't been conditioned to feel a certain way.

We’re conditioned to feel happy, worthy, confident, if our body changes in the way that we intended it to.

But so incredibly hard on ourselves when our bodies react in a way that results in weight gain or shifting of our shape in any way.

Now, I’m not a fitness brand, I’m not here to tell you about calories.

I’m a fashion brand who understands the connection between clothing and our brains. Okay, not actual clothing, but our perception of personal worth and our brains.

I would also argue that you’re not mad about gaining weight. There, I said it.

You’re shaking your head like, “she knows nothing” but hear me out,

You’re mad about what you feel that means. That you’ve “let yourself go” or that you’re “not taking care of yourself.”

What if we changed that to you were taking care of yourself? That you chose this season to rest? That instead forcing yourself into movement that you chose self care? 

You’re mad that your clothes don’t fit.

Your clothes are part of your identity. But you also haven’t really been wearing your normal clothes have you? So not only did you not have the indicators of, "oh this is feeling tight" but you also haven't really been feeling like your "normal" self.

“Um, girl, nothing has been normal.” - I get that. But what is normal? And why do we care about normal?

I think the word you’re looking for is “routine”. Nothing is routine. Which also means we're tired af. Because decisions are tiring. 

And routine cuts out some of those decisions making us much more functional humans.

You’re mad that the world is hard right now.

You’re mad about the circumstance.

So the point is, you’re not mad about your body changing. You just don’t like change.  

Which is why learning your new proportions are going to be annoying and difficult and you’re going to get mad. 

Remember in math class when you had to learn something new and it was annoying and the teacher kept asking,"does this make sense?" UM, NO? but then you got it and everything was good. 

It's like that.

Start to understand your new proportions and you’ll start feeling good about yourself again.

Soon you’ll even
thank your body for where it's brought you in your life.

Fashion lines that dictate your proportions/shape are:

Your bust line (the measurement around the fullest part of your bust)
Your waistline (about two fingers up from your belly button)
Your hip line (the measurement around the widest part of your hip/booty)

What you're looking for is the ratio between those three lines. 

And fashion proportions that won’t change are:

Your height 

Your shoulder width (unless you start pumping some serious iron)

Great, so now that you know your lines.

Go to your closet. Find a piece that you feel amazing in right now. No, “once I lose” No. None of that. Right now. What makes you feel like a million bucks?

That’s your jumping off point.

Using your new measurements determine your new shape and research what necklines and cuts flatter your shape.

Remember that clothes have been designed for different body types. Not all cuts will be the most flattering. This isn’t to say if they make you happy not to wear them, just don’t get annoyed if you feel you can’t wear them. It’s not to say that clothing designed for you isn’t out there, just that it’s not that piece.

If this piece, that isn’t flattering, is trendy and you want to wear it remember that there are usually around fifty trends per season. There will be one that you feel more comfortable in and when you feel good the trend won’t matter.

Looking at yourself with a smile, with gratitude for everything you’ve accomplished in your life, with the thanks for where you are, you feel worthy of your own happiness. Once you feel worthy of it, you will be unstoppable.

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