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I'm not going to dress up for you. I'm not the personal shopper who's going to insist you pick up the most expensive, the most trendy, or the most fashion-y pieces of clothing. If you're looking for one of those stylists Ottawa has a lot of them and I'd be happy to put you in touch!

I am the personal shopper who works with you based on your habits, lifestyle, and personality to find the missing pieces in your wardrobe based on you.

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personal shopping & styling

Add to your existing wardrobe, shop for a specific occasion or a new wardrobe. If you get frustrated by the shopping experience, feel like you can never find anything that looks good on you, or get buyer’s remorse after a day in the mall, let me do the research and take you shopping. 

  • Research + Pre-select based on your fashion ethics/budget
  • Personal shopping companion
  • Personal Styling


$250 +tx Click here to book a coffee chat to learn more.

what to expect

is the problem that you have clothes but nothing to wear?

Download the Capsule Wardrobe Builder & start decluttering on your own!