• Style to your advantage: the science [read time: 3:17]

    How can we use style to our advantage? In other words, how can I become my best self through the medium of clothing? I say, know your style, and you’ll be able to fine-tune your wardrobe. In turn, improving your wardrobe will help you succeed in your endeavours and improve your self esteem.
  • How to Build your 2021 Capsule Wardrobe (read time: 4:57)

    Before getting into how you can start building your capsule wardrobe, do you know what it is?If yes, scroll down till you see the word STOP, if you...
  • Where do you fit? (read time 6:38)

    Body dysmorphia, like most mental illnesses, have different tiers of severity. This article is not to judge anyone's journey, no one is next to you...
  • Body Positivity Mind F*$# (read time: 4:03)

    Tip number three, 

    "fake it till you make it" is a false phrase that needs to die in a dumpster fire. Never use it again. "make it till you make it." 
  • Your weight has nothing to do with clothes. (read time 4:02)


    Why? Because fashion is 80% math and 20% creativity.
  • Athleticism & Femininity Interview (read time 11:48)

    Part of what really messes with your brain and feeling feminine is that training takes away those classically feminine traits. Like looking for low calorie options or going on dates.You kind of have to dissociate from being a “person” at that point, every single thing is powerlifting and because it’s such a male dominated space, too, you have no one else to identify with but your bros going through the same prep. 
  • Are you in a STYLE RUT?

    Do you feel like you’re always going for the same comfort piece in your wardrobe?
    Do you low-key feel like blah when you get dressed?

    Have you stopped saying “damn, I look good.” when you look in the mirror.

  • Starting your Capsule without the Overwhelm

    So we all know the benefits of a Capsule Wardrobe.Save money by buying less but better - great. We love that! Have a personal style that makes you ...
  • Quarantine15 & The Post Holiday Now What?

    However, we’ve personally decided to deal with the pandemic is visually represented through our shape. But you know what? Your body has carried you through a pandemic. That’s pretty freaking awesome.
  • Holiday Styling with @chiccapsulecloset

    IGLIVE:@chiccapsulecloset Dani is your East Coast girl living in the midwest, working to normalize shopping your own closet, repeating outfits, giv...
  • Capsule Dressing for the Holidays

    This year has been one wild ride. I don’t think anyone would fight that statement. With the holidays just around the corner and with nowhere to go ...
  • DESIGNER CHAT: the devil wears Prada

    Q: can we discuss how Miranda puts Andy in her place with the blue sweater monologue?