• DESIGNER CHAT: the devil wears Prada

    Q: can we discuss how Miranda puts Andy in her place with the blue sweater monologue?
  • 61 HOURS

    62% of women experience Wardrobe Rage, the mental breakdown because nothing fits, everything sucks, our bodies are never going to be what we want them to be and the whole world can crash & burn.
  • Things you [maybe] didn't know about me.

    "The Athlete is my 3rd attempt at business."
  • Interview with Wellness Coach, Sondra Gatien

    INTERVIEW: Sondra Gatein Sondra is a wellness coach working to help her team take control of their self-care and health. She belongs to a fierce co...
  • My Favourite [FREE] Home Workouts

    I really hate home workouts, but with the gyms closed here's what I don't hate doing everyday.
  • #liftlikeagirl

    You have to stop saying you have “man shoulders.”Or that you “lift like a boy.”Or that you “don’t want to get bulky.”& here’s my two cents on a...
  • Fighting my Virgo Tendencies

    How did I fight with myself? The perfectionist part of me wanted to tweak and tweak until I got things just right. Finally I had to stop.