Q. what are your minimums?
A. my minimums are 6 units per order, sizes can vary based on your needs. 

Q. what are your turnaround times?
A. two to six weeks from order to door (based on location and shipping times.)

Q. what if I get a shipment and there's damage?
A. all of our shipments are sent with insurance. if you received damaged merchandise we'll replace it. just send us a photo and we'll get you the replacement. 

Q. do you do online workshops or just in-person?
A. both! In person or online. i've also joined online communities to host workshops through social media. 

Q. do you also do corporate talks or workshops?
A. absolutely. confidence through clothing can be a huge asset to your company and how you appear to your audience. 

Q. Will you travel for a workshop?
A. For sure. I will travel around Ontario. An additional travel fee will be negotiated before the event. 

Q. where are you located?
A. I service Ottawa ON and the surrounding areas. 

Q. i don't live in Ottawa. Will you travel?
A. yes! I will travel between Kingston and Montreal. There will be a travel fee negotiated before I arrive, or I do online wardrobe consults. 

Q. i don't know what i need but i know i need help, what do i do?
A. we'll have an intake call before we start working together. i'd be happy to walk you through all the options and make some suggestions.
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