Wardrobe Edits

Closet Cleanse: 

Do you have clothes on a chair in your room? The floor? Or some combination of floor-bed-chair? Clothes that still have the price tag? Or feel like you’re overwhelmed when you look at your closet? Whether you’re looking to downsize, simplify your life, or find your style within the piles of clothing you have, this is for you.

  • In-person wardrobe edit [4hrs]
  • Personalized style guide 


$325 +tx Click here to book a coffee chat to learn more.


Personal Shopping/Styling

Add to your existing wardrobe, shop for a specific occasion or a new wardrobe. If you get frustrated by the shopping experience, feel like you can never find anything that looks good on you, or get buyer’s remorse after a day in the mall, let me do the research and take you shopping. 

  • Research + Pre-select based on your fashion ethics/budget
  • Personal shopping companion
  • Personal Styling


$200 +tx Click here to book a coffee chat to learn more.

Capsule Builder: 

A generic capsule wardrobe template, probably from Pinterest, isn’t going to fit you. You and your life are unique to you and your wardrobe needs are just as individualized. We develop a wardrobe that carries you through the year, provide a clear definition of your style, and when you ask yourself the question, “what should I wear?” the response is excitement, not fear.

  • Wardrobe Edit & Assessment [1-3 sessions]
  • Personal shopping experience [1-3 sessions] 
  • Your capsule template [see a sample here]
  • Personalized Style Guide [see a sample here]

$1800 +tx Click here to book a coffee chat for more information.

Corporate Wardrobe/Uniform Development:

Help your clients visually see your company’s values, empower your staff to present themselves with confidence, and improve sales. Whether you’re a solo-preneur looking to make an impact or a small business, clothing is part of your branding and can make a big difference with first impressions.

  • Develop corporate clothing guidelines.
  • Work one on one or in small groups with your staff for individual styling according to your guidelines.
  • Style breakdown. Using logic to break down a creative field. 

Click here to book a coffee chat to discuss your business’s specific needs.

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