Clothing has a way of really f*cking with your body image, self-esteem, and confidence. It's a necessary evil within in a society that has so much subconcious meaning behind everything you put on or adorn your body with. Mindset is how you take back your power.

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visual identity workshops

Who taught you how to get dressed? How to dress for “yourself’? Or what that means? This 90-minute interactive workshop breaks down the psychology of clothing and how clothing can be used as a tool for self-confidence.

This workshop breaks down,

- Who you are and how that visually translates into clothing.

- Understand your body shape and proportions

- Using clothing as a visualisation tool

- How to elevate your personal style or create a unique capsule wardrobe

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individual coaching

Build confidence, new habits, and identitify your personal style with an immersive 1-on-1 coaching experience. A hybrid of in person, working through your closet and online mindset coaching.

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speaking engagements

More confidence leads to stronger boundaries, improved sales, increased motivation, self-assuredness and everything else that motivation coaches will talk about.

Visual Identity takes that motivation and makes it tactile. Learn how to break the dopamine cycle of constant shopping and the benefits of a strong visual representation.

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making fashion make sense

Join the list that breaks down fashion & the way we look at ourselves in the mirror. I know - it sounds like adding your name to another list. This one doesn't suck.