About Ottawa Fashion Designer Rebecca RoweI'm Rebecca Rowe, Ottawa Fashion Designer & Business Confidence Coach. Mixing mindset with clothing, I design real clothes for fit women, helping you feel good in your own skin through online coaching, capsule wardrobes, & locally made clothing.

I'm a millennial, I've had two jobs since I was old enough to have a job.

Like, most, of my peers. I have needed and developed this capsule wardrobe that has taken me from working all day at a swanky *ironic hair flip* bridal shop to serving drinks all night at a grungy dive bar. All with a simple change of shoe and addition of a ponytail. The ponytail actually wasn't necessary, I just didn't like serving with hair in my face.

I believe

  • Style and fashion should never be just for some. There are more body types than the super thin, or fit. Clothes need to fit your life, all my fashion designs are developed with data from athletes of all shapes & sports. The whole concept of beauty changes from person to person and why shouldn't your wardrobe?
  • Bodies should never be compared to a fruit basket or a timepiece from Harry Potter. Just because my body shape has larger hips than waist, doesn't mean that I want to wear A-line skirts all the time. I believe that there are fundamental style tips that can be given across the board, no matter what your shape is.
  • Getting dressed up - or just dressed in general - should not mean putting on a costume. I am an Evolutionary, an Athlete, a Drama -sometimes- and an Artisan. This is who I am and how my clothes can express who I am.
  • I believe in clothes that last more than a few washes, and that Canadian made matters. When you support a local business, you support a much smaller carbon footprint, reducing environmental impact.¬†

- Rebecca