Most bios are boring, probably because the person writing about themselves tries to play down or play up their accomplishments. Instead of doing that, here are the 20 most asked questions I get that will let you know a little bit about me.

     1. I’m 6’1” 

  1. I studied fashion design at Pratt Institute for one year, then finished my education in fashion design at ESMOD Paris.
  2. There was no talking in high school. I was such an anxious teen and like most teens had a hard time understanding where I fit in. My journey out of that mindset is what sparked my interest in Visual Identity.
  3. Also I was homeschooled until grade 11. My first experience in high school was going into the visual arts program in grade 11. 
  4. My first business name was Rowes Fashion and it was a line that was very influenced by my time in Paris. Not the most wearable collections. My current collections though - they can go in the washing machine, which people like. 
  5. I showed at Vancouver Fashion Week under Rowes Fashion. Then the world shut down in 2020. 
  6. In my early 20’s my wardrobe was filled with maternity and mens clothing to get the length. 
  7. I lied to get my first fashion job. At 16 years old I volunteered at Toronto Fashion Week. I told everyone I was in university to be allowed to attend the shows. 
  8. I’ve had coaches encouraging me to become a coach, which lead me to being a designer with a message. 
  9. The first piece of clothing I made was a total #sewingfail so I used duct tape to hold it together.
  10. If you lived in Ottawa I probably served you. 
  11. I do my best work in coffee shops. 
  12. Coffee is the best food group. 
  13. Jelly beans are the best candy (belonging in the bean food group.)
  14. The first time I learned that fashion was a job was walking around a department store and I asked my mum where the clothes came from. 
  15. When anxiety kicks in I declutter to make myself feel better. It works. 
  16. I’m a Virgo and the oldest of three siblings… I am very organized. 
  17. Can quote most of the Lord Of the Rings movies. 
  18. I don’t like pasta. Not because it’s carbs but because it’s a vessel for other things. Crackers are the superior choice.  
  19. My collections only come out twice a year, but I’m constantly playing with new designs (which you can buy through my mailing list!)
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