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When your wardrobe is filled with gifted clothes

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style starts with your brain

Self development is a process but using clothing as a tool to get there helos. A lot. Start your personal style journey with styling your mindset.

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okay, I get it. Most mailing lists suuuuuck. Mine doesn't.

Pretty much because I'm too lazy to write you crap that I wouldn't read myself. If you're into sarcastic humour, learning about yourself, how to use clothes to get you to do things you don't want to do and always win at trivia, add yourself to the list!

I want in.


@rebeccarowe.ca yeah, like I don't go to fancy shit without wearing your clothes.


visual identity workshop

"Our folks absolutely LOVED your workshop and spent almost an hour talking about what they learned from you. You are definitely a talented facilitator!"


wardrobe edit

"One of the things I found to be the most intriguing about the whole process was how clear and concise the steps were. We started with conversations about my personal style and ended with a much MUCH smaller wardrobe filled with clothes that make me feel like me. Like how I want to feel in my clothes."


wardrobe edit

I didn't realize just how much of my emotional brain was tied to clothes. When Rebecca did a wardrobe edit with me and I was initially overwhelmed with how much I had accumulated, and how much i didn't want to let go. I felt like a broken record saying "but there are so many good memories associated with this piece!"