finding YOUR style not A style

A lot of stylists, influencers, or random helpful friends will help you find A style that can and usually looks great. The problem is, when it's not YOUR style it doesn't work with your existing habits. When it doesn't work with your life, we're right back to where you started, an over-flowing closet and nothing to wear.

Your style is already in your closet

Undoubtedly you've purchased clothing items that you've liked and you've liked them for a reason! Declutter what you don't need to let what you love shine through.

most marketing implies that loving yourself is wrong.

Which is why 87% of the world's population say they experience low self-esteem. Leading to diffidifficulty in relationships, lower paying jobs, negative self talk & criticism. Owning your Visual Identity & building a relationship with your closet you'll build confidence within yourself & experience a sense of calmness that comes with loving what you see in the mirror.

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visual identity is more than style