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Navigation Tools to Thrive in the Human Experience [paperback book]

Navigation Tools to Thrive in the Human Experience [paperback book]

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The world can feel like a tough place when growing up. Have you ever dealt with a bully, struggled with social anxiety, felt like you had to hide what was going on at home, or wished you were prettier, skinnier, or smarter? Each generation has faced its own challenges growing up, and as we explore what it means to thrive in today's world, the lessons learned from our past can be a guiding light for youth today in a vast universe of information.

This book is a collection of inspirational stories from women of all backgrounds and ages. We have worked together to create a book that we would like to call a map to learn who you are when the world around you is trying to tell you who you ought to be. 

The wisdom stories from these women are truly inspirational and we have all included an interactive learning section to help solidify our lessons and continue the experience. 

Becoming your most authentic self is the hardest part of being a youth in this era. With media being shown to you nearly every second of every day and books with all those words seeming daunting this author group decided on short, easy-to-read stories with a learning element. The goal is that at the end of it, they are one more step closer to thriving in today's age.

My chapter is about clothing and its relationship it has to learning who you are but more importantly how to express yourself to those around you. You'll learn a bit about fashion history, the fashion industry, but most importantly how to say yes to the type of person you want to be through the expression of style. 

Reading age: 12+ years
Pages: 220
Language: English
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