your visual identity (read time: 3:57)

your visual identity (read time: 3:57)

“You look tired.”

Internal monologue: "THANKS MUM. Appreciate that! *insert eye-roll here.*”

Did your mum say this to you this holiday? The last time you saw her or just on a Tuesday?

Maybe it wasn’t your mum, maybe it was your boss, a coworker, a friend, a partner.

And how many of us responded with,

“Yeah…. Sigh, I am tired.” EVEN IF WE’RE NOT?!

Then we start feeling tired. Because if we’re told that we’re tired we must be tired right? This is someone I love telling me this, someone I respect, someone who sees something that I don’t.

It must be true?

We’re told all sorts of things growing up that stick to us and form what the wellness community calls “limiting beliefs.” These are statements that we agree are true. Things like,

“You’re the big girl.”

“You’re dramatic.” - probably said something more along the lines of “you’re the life of the party.” or “you’re such a drama queen.”

The thing is, it’s these statements that we hold onto that become a part of our identity. As adults we take these truths and we manifest them into our appearance which therefore becomes our Visual Identity. We find ways to communicate elements of our personality through the way we walk, how we choose to keep our hair, the clothing or tattoos we choose to adorn our bodies with, the bags we carry, the phone that’s always in our hand. All of these things together form our visual identity and it’s how we communicate to the world - and to ourselves - who we are.

55% of communication is visual. Which is why this element of our identity is so freakin’ important! Not for the world, but for YOU.

Want to know how going to the gym becomes easier?
How climbing that corporate ladder become second nature?

How going up and talking to that person you’ve been eyeing at the bar becomes less nerve wracking?

Your visual identity.

By now either I’ve hooked you and you’re sitting there thinking, “yep… I don’t know if I “get it” but I’m here for it.” OR you’re thinking “nope. This girl is crazy and I’m surprised I even got this far down the blog.”

If you’re thinking the second, I can try to convince you but you kinda come along with the woo aspect of things and let me tell you things about your brain that you maybe didn’t consider before.

And if you’re thinking, “immediately no. Immediately no. I’ve seen what I needed to see.” then sweet, all the power to you and I’m here if that changes.

If you’re ready to change your life by using clothing as tools to get into who you really are then Hi! Welcome to the team. And if you’re REALLY into it and want to join my mailing list and get in on the gold once a week join HERE. (Shameless plug, but most mailing lists suck. Mine doesn’t - mainly because I don’t have time to send you trash that I don’t really want to write.)

Here are 3 things you can do RIGHT NOW that will start transforming your life from where you are to where you want to be.

1). Clean out your closet.

ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that doesn’t fit your VIBE, your BODY - the way it is now - or your LIFESTYLE, let it go. It’s served you and is no longer serving you now.

A cluttered space is directly linked to a cluttered mind. By clearing out space physically you’re telling your mind you’re ready to simplify your life and make room for the things you want.

Also, I get that it’s hard. Download this CLOSET CLEAN-OUT guide for a step by step on how to let go of those pieces that no longer belong in your closet.

2). Think Positive.

We so often say the negative. “I don’t want [insert thing here.]” “I can’t do [insert thing here].” instead catch yourself and start saying the opposite. So instead of saying, “I don’t want [thing]” you’re going to say “I do want [thing]”.

Here’s an example. Say this out-loud - I told you this was going to get a little woo.

I don’t want to be stressed.

Okay. Now sit with it a minute. How does that feel in your body? Make a mental note.

Now say,

I want to be calm.

How does that feel? Did your shoulders drop? Did a calmness come over you?

Weird right. I’m telling you, this works.

3). Dress with intention.

Read that again.

I’m not telling you to get up and wear a ball gown. Just to get up and GET DRESSED. Take off whatever it was you were sleeping in and put on clothes that will make you feel good about taking on the day.

Take a photo and write a note about how it made you feel.

That’s it! Welcome to your Visual Identity journey! This is where it starts. 
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