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Body Positivity Mind F*$# (read time: 4:03)

*ping* - a snap from a friend pops up on my phone. The message is a distraction from weekend work that no one really wants to do so I open it and listen,

"I hate shopping online. This is ridiculous. I can't find shorts or skirts or a skort (cause skorts are in again) and I hate this. I don't know my size."

*ping* next snap.

"Actually, that's crap. I own a measuring tape, I just don't like my size."

There we go.


I am here for the body positivity movement. I think that everyone deserves to look in the mirror and love what she sees. The thing is, the whole "fake it till you make it." thing? Yeah, that's a myth.

I said it, you can't fake it till you make it.

You can put on red lipstick and if you feel good wearing red lipstick it will help, but if you're the one who hates the way red lipstick is going to look on you - it won't help and in fact will probably have the opposite effect.

Instead, why not try out the phrase, "make it till you make it." - because you're doing it.

This means, that if you're not comfortable with your body, wearing a bikini and "faking" confidence is not going to help you. I'm sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear.

Instead, what does make you feel confident? We each have one body part that is our favourite. Could be your eyes, your butt, your arms? Think about that and build your outfit around that. You got great boobs? Show them off! Do you know how many girls wish they had what you have?


What you can't do is hide, because that's not faking or making! That's not how you're going to enjoy your life.

Here are some fashion tricks to make you feel amazing, cuts to look for and what to stay away from:

1) Stay away from straight lines over the widest parts of your body.

This could be your thighs, your arms, your hips. Whatever it is, you're not "hiding" by doing this. You're actually drawing more attention.

Here's why: The harsh straight line draws our eyes down to the "break" in colour. Remember when your mum used to always say never to wear horizontal stripes because it'll make you look wider? Same idea.

Our bodies are a 3D object, so the "line" will naturally curve over the line of your hip making you appear wider. This is why I designed the Blake [short] with a slight curve to flatter your perfect thighs.

INSTEAD, wear shirts where the hem hits higher, at your natural waist, to pull the eye up. Even if you're not happy with your waist this will help trick the viewer's eye into the illusion of an hourglass figure.

PRO TIP: Add a long pendant or a 'V' neck to create the illusion of an arrow pointing down to your waist and you'll really see that hourglass pop.

2) If you're feeling BLAH about life or unmotivated, try changing your outfit. No, I'm not just saying that because I'm a fashion designer, but because it has been proven by the smart people in white lab coats that changing your outfit can change your mood.

Our brains run on 90% autopilot - why? Because if we had to actively make every decision we make in a day we would be EXHAUSTED. So a lot of what we do is run on habit and routine.

For example; think of a day that you're not motivated to workout but you walk to the gym, you change into your gym clothes, and once your laces are tied you do the damned thing? The ritual of changing will kickstart your habit and autopilot takes over.

3) "fake it till you make it" is a false phrase that needs to die in a dumpster fire. Never use it again. "make it till you make it."

and stop saying mean things about your body. Think about all the amazing things it does for you instead.

4) The word, "should" belongs nowhere near your closet or your vocabulary when you're talking about your body. "I should be able to fit into this." "I should lose more weight"

How does that make you feel? Even just reading it?!

"I will be able to fit into this." OR "I will donate this because it no longer serves me and the body I have"


I used to hear this on What Not to Wear and the phrase always held for me,

"Dress for the body you have not the body you want."

Now, what I will add to this is,

"Dress for the body you have not the body you want because you're more likely to get the body you want by accepting and loving the body you have."


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