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jas [pant]

jas [pant]

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  • Athlete Fit - so lots of room for the booty & they actually fit around the waist (you can do yoga in them.)
  • Pockets Deep enough for your phone *tested with an iphone 11 plus
  • High-waisted enough that you can eat pizza - necessary.
  • 32" inseam (but DM me to change this)
  • Machine-washable
  • Ponte - fancy way of saying thick-ish stretchy fabric that holds its shape but doesn't show underwear lines.

Pants that you can run around in and go into the office in. Or run to the office? 

Never mind, we all know we're wearing these pants because we want to feel like we're wearing pyjamas but put in some effort for the day. It' all good, we all do it. The high-waisted elastic waistband on these pants are perfect for paring with your summer crops to get some more wear out of them, and they're just super flattering. 

Deep pockets so you never get that moment of panic that you put your phone down somewhere, or misplaced your keys.

& wide-leg, because that's what Tik Tok says, is in right now. (Kidding, wide-leg because I think we're all over the hop to get into our pants thing)

Machine washable because you're busy and I'm not even sure dry cleaners are open. 

High-waisted because high-waisted makes everything better. A 3" waistband that holds everything where we like it to be held

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