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Wardrobe Edit & Styling

Wardrobe Edit & Styling

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Let a trained fashion designer into your closet and let's make sense of your style together. 

No one taught you how to put outfits together or what your body shape was. It makes sense that when as an adult you're asking yourself, "what looks good on me." or "who am I dressing up for?" you're left with crickets for answers. 

The answer isn't more clothes or dressing how other people encourage you to. The answer is understanding what works with your life. Together we edit your wardrobe to fit your lifestyle, your body, and your overall vibe. I'm your coach, not your Kon Mari.

PS. Marie Kondo and I differ a bit on our approach to organizing your wardrobe. To learn about my method click HERE.

This is for you if:

  • you have an overflowing closet but nothing to wear
  • you're overwhelmed when you look at your closet or the piles of laundry around your room
  • you have clothing with price tags still on them
  • you have clothes you've kept for you years because you "might need them one day" 

How it works:

  • initial consultation & take-home materials to find your personal style
  • 3-hour culling session with your existing wardrobe. Working through what works for your lifestyle, your personal style, and the functionality of your pieces.
  • consulting on which pieces could be tailored & how.
  • personal style consultation, walking through styling tips and tricks that work for your body shape.
  • in-person - within the Ottawa area or over video call. Travel is available upon request with an additional travel fee. 


Additional Shopping Experience

  • Go shopping with a trained fashion designer
  • An additional appointment to go shopping, filling the holes left in your wardrobe.
  • includes a pre-shop based on your budget, shopping ethics, and accessibility.
  • style cheat sheet for mixing your new pieces with your existing wardrobe.


"If you are looking in your closet and you don’t feel as if you have anything to wear or anything that looks good on you, or you struggle to know what types of clothes suit your body type – HIRE BEX IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! It was worth the time investment. It was worth the financial investment. At the end of the day, I was worth the investment and you are too." - Velta 

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