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blake [short]

blake [short]

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  • Athlete Fit - so lots of room for the booty & they actually fit around the waist 
  • Pockets Deep enough for your phone
  • High-waisted enough that you can eat pizza 
  • 5" inseam
  • Machine-washable
  • Ponte - fancy way of saying thick-ish stretchy fabric that holds its shape but doesn't show underwear lines.

Recommended retail price: $162.00

You asked for what was important. A pair of shorts that aren't so short that you can't wear them without your mum saying, "I'm sorry young lady (even though you're a full-grown woman) but I can see your booty." BUT also not so long that you feel like an old lady trying to "kick-it with the cool kids". & pockets that men would envy.

Machine washable because you're busy and I'm not even sure dry cleaners are open. 

Pockets, did I mention the pockets thing?

High-waisted because high-waisted makes everything better. A 3" waistband that holds everything where we like it to be held

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