Fighting my Virgo Tendencies

Perfection is good, done is better.

I’m not the type who plans her life around her horoscope, or reads the day’s predictions over my first cup of coffee. I do drink coffee – obviously, but as for the stars dictating my personality? That’s where I’m a bit skeptical. Mind you, my skepticism could also be a symptom of my star sign. I do have to admit though, there are some Virgo characteristics that seem to fit right into my personality, organization and perfectionism being two MAJOR traits notoriously belonging to us September babies.

Organization has played right into the direction of my evolving company, moving away from editorial pieces and into individualized capsule wardrobes. I have carefully designed capsules for four unique personalities (to start). Identifying the needs within your wardrobe that are specific to you.

Goodbye to the days of runway shows and photoshoots and hello to new beginnings, new challenges and a new name. There are aspects of my brand that will forever be present (I couldn’t change everything!); Versatility, Quality, & Flattering Design. I have challenged myself to get to know the women in my clothes. To strive to make your lives simpler, so that you can spend more time on what’s important to you.

How did I fight with myself? The perfectionist part of me wanted to tweak and tweak until I got things just right. Finally I had to stop. The last piece of the puzzle, the piece that just wasn’t fitting was the name. Rowes Fashion was a great starting point and will always have a place in my fashion career but now let me introduce my fresh beginning;

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