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That’s two and a half days!

How many times have you been greeted by friends with the phrase, "OHMYGAWD I'M SO SORRY I'M LATE!" 

There are hundreds, maybe not hundreds but plenty, of reasons to be late. You sleep through your alarm, your dog decides to be a jerk, your kid decides to act like your dog, you forget things that are too important not to go back for, and the list goes on, you need to check to see if you unplugged the hair straightener. Never again let your outfit be the reason you don’t get out that door. 

There's been a trend on Tik Tok, which obviously reflects our everyday life right?! and I'm sure you've all seen this;

I know this is a joke.... but how many of us have changed once? twice? three times before leaving the house? Or starred blankly at a closet full of clothing for way longer than we needed to? 

Add up the time each morning it take you to get dressed. Have you ever gone hunting through your closet, looking for that one specific black shirt? Settling for something else when you couldn't find it. Or putting on an outfit you thought would work then look in mirror and realize that it did NOT work. Some days take longer than others but we’ve found that on average it’s about ten to fifteen minutes. And that's just science. Read the article here, but you won't like it. It says that it takes on average 17 minutes for people to get dressed. 

“I’ll be ready in ten minutes.” – said every woman ever. Which we all know is a HUGE lie.

Still don't believe me? I've been talking about the benefits of capsule wardrobes and defining your style for a long time. No? Okay, here’s our challenge for you, set a timer on your phone every morning when you start looking for the day’s outfit. Keep a log and see how much time it really takes for you to get yourself ready for the day.

* Note: here are the rules  -rules make things fun right? Just me? Me and my Virgos? 

    1. You have to like your outfit. That’s the whole point right? I don’t want you trying to beat the clock and end up feeling uncomfortable the entire day.
    2. No outfit repeats! If we can give you seven different outfits with only 5 pieces of clothing then with your overflowing closet I’m sure you can make this work.
    3. Tag us this week & let us know your timing! #rebeccarowetimechallenge #rebeccarowe  – I’ll play too! & at the end of our week let’s see how many minutes we spent trying to find the day’s outfit.

    Here are 3 reasons your closet is full but it's taking away almost three days out of your life every year:

    First: You're keeping clothes that don't fit. Too small, too big, whatever the case TOSS them. Don't give me this, "I'll fit into them again." and here's why I say that. 

    You keeping clothes in your closet that don't fit is negative. You're looking at these pieces daily that are associated with negative self talk. If you're the type of person who's motivated by clothing to lose weight invest in a new piece in your goal size. This is something positive, it's a trophy. 

    I recommend this piece be timeless and something you wouldn't normally treat yourself to. Timeless pieces are investment pieces where you don't have to set any time goals and when you've invested money you're more likely to do the task. It's why we pay for a gym membership. There is guilt associated with throwing away something we value.

    Second: You have too many statement pieces. 

    I'm not saying you shouldn't have any and I'm not even saying you need a neutral. But you do need to decide what your neutral is. If hot pink is your colour I say go for it, but tone it down with the cut and shape of the piece so that you can mix it with your statement pieces. 

    Third: You have too many "Styles" in your closet. This could be trends, you've evolved as a person and the clothing you once felt was you to a T is now no longer the case. 

    There are upwards of 50 trends a season in the fashion world. No one is expected to rock every single one. If trends are your thing pick one or two that work for you and scrap the rest. 

    Think about this, are you the same person you were in high school? College? No, you're not, because why would you want to be? You've experienced so much since then. Even this year! Reevaluate your Style Pillars and see what still fits.

    Don't know what your Style Pillars are? Work your way through our Style Journal and get yourself some clarity. Even just to save yourself 3 days a year! 


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