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Capsule Dressing for the Holidays

This year has been one wild ride. I don’t think anyone would fight that statement. With the holidays just around the corner and with nowhere to go really let’s not invest in new “Ugly Holiday” sweaters.

Pro-Tip: if you have one from last year that people liked, they’ll like it again this year. Get the most wear out of your seasonal pieces by wearing them every year. Or swapping with your friend (You know, from 6ft apart)

Things that make a garment feel Holiday-ie, it’s a word.


Shine although we associate it with holiday and special occasion wear can be styled down and worn on any day of the week at any time. Here are a few ways to style some shine in both ways:


Sparkle is in the same family as shine but here’s why it’s different. Sparkle usually means some sort of texture added to the garment. Think sequins or beads. Harder to dress down but not impossible. Check out this head to toe Sequinned look on Jodie.


PS. Should I make this jacket again? Maybe not in sparkles?

Green and red are CLASSIC holiday colours. Let’s find the tone that works for your skin tone. These colours can be rocked on any skin tone, any hair colour. It’s finding the undertone and shade that works for you.

Colours come in so many tones. Find a red that works for your colouring and ask yourself if it’ll work in your Capsule Wardrobe. If colour is something you’re comfortable with adding a new piece in our national colour is a great way to wear something new that you’ll be able to wear again and again. I find jewel tones are the easiest to work into your everyday wardrobe.

Identifying your own skin tone is the hardest part of this equation. The easiest method I’ve found is this: look at the underside of your wrist. See those veins? If you see blue or purple colours you have what’s known as a “cool” skin tone. If your veins appear green you have a “warm” skin tone and if your veins look light green or light purple you have a “neutral” skin tone.



COOL: look for reds with more blue in them. Think a borderline between pink and red. Cherry, Rose, Magentas are all going to look amazing on you. Same with greens! The closer to teal you go the better. Think those beautiful cool greens like cactus or broccoli green. (I know, great visual).  

WARM: corals are going to look great on you. With the warmth in your skin I wouldn’t go “Canada” red but a soft flame, strawberry or salmon is going to be the For the greens think softer greens. Olive, moss, warm greens that don’t have as much yellow in it. 

NEUTRAL: Go for those bold bright and beautiful reds & greens. Your colouring can handle these bright colours and will thrive in that fall-inspired palette. Now I don’t suggest neon-bright because those colours tend to be more trendy and are harder to integrate into your everyday wardrobe. Think bright emerald.

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