Confidence is a feeling, not a personality trait. Which means you don’t feel it all the time. In fact, you feel confident in specific clothing actions, situations, etc. The easiest way to feel confidence is to be comfortable, which takes practice. But with practice, you can always feel comfortable with yourself, if not with your situation.

When you think about yourself, specifically your appearance, what comes to mind? Don’t overthink it; just write what comes to mind, “good” or “bad.”

Perfect. Now what do you believe about those things you just wrote down?

1. Belief:
2. Belief:
3. Belief:
4. Belief: 
5. Belief:

Your identity is the collection of your experiences, which make up your beliefs about yourself, which make you feel things, which make you behave a certain way, which gets you results (experiences), which leads back to the beginning of the cycle.  

Now write down how you want to think about yourself, specifically about your appearance. does that look like? Pull up photos from Pinterest, write a description, whatever makes it easier for you to visualize those characteristics. Finally let’s put them together with how you see your (current) lifestyle, vibe, and body shape.Vibe: Lifestyle:Body:Which elements fit into your existing habits? Which habits are you willing to change to be able to pull in some confidence factors?

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how do I start?

Finding your personal style can be HARD AF - especially when everyone is telling you something different. Here's how to start your journey, before even stepping foot into your closet.

how to find your personal style

So what do you want to say? Clothing is a way of expressing your most authentic self without having to use words. It's a way of communicating your comfort level, your likes and interests.

How would you describe yourself if you couldn’t use physical descriptions?