Your personal style is a collection of your habits + lifestyle + vibe and I fully believe that. With that in mind, I have never felt that one brand alone can meet the needs of every one person and their vision of what beauty and function is. For that reason doesn't sell online but instead is one of the many designers curated by the amazing shop owners. 

Almonte ON 
You'll be greeted by her AH-DOR-A-BLE Weimaraner (🐶) and a selection of men's and women's apparel. She has a mix of local Canadian makers as well as Irish wool sweaters that she imports.

STUNNING! Fashion + Accessories
Downtown Ottawa
You could walk by Stunning! a million times and miss it if you weren't looking. A 329sq.ft store in the heart of the ByWard Market, Mandy has been curating clothing for a decade. Her years of experience in the business make her a go-to for one of a kind finds.

SLV & co. 
Paris ON
Shelby is THE sizing expert and fully believes there is #styleatanyshape. Her tiny store in downtown Paris is one of the only places to find cool clothes in straight and plus sizes. 

Brick + Mortar
Regina SK
With over 100 Canadian Makers in this space it's hard to not want to walk away with everything. Carefully curated, this team treats every maker with respect and passion.  

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