Why You Should Stand Up for Yourself to Create a Simpler Life

We’ve all been in uncomfortable situations, it can’t just be me! Or maybe it can, but I kinda doubt it. Maybe it’s a boss who’s just a straight up horrible human, a difficult client, a client who refuses to settle an invoice, you get into a fight with your best friend. Whatever the case may be here’s WHY it’s important to stand your ground.

1) It’s at these moments that your personal growth goes through the roof.

You will learn so much more about yourself and how you want to handle future situations.

2) When you stand up for yourself and your point of view you are taking your confidence to a whole new level.

You are saying that you deserve to be heard.

3) We all know this is not going to be comfortable, but that’s ok.

Get yourselves comfortable with being uncomfortable and see what you can accomplish. Could be as little as standing up to your boss, or arguing with that difficult client.

4) Know when to stand your ground and know when to let it go.

I think this is the most important tip. That you don’t have to fight everything, but by taking the steps to stand up for what you truly believe in you’ll be able to let go of things you don’t.


P.S. This is a two parter, tomorrow I’ll give you tips!

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