What Inspires You?

What inspires you as an Artisan? The question that haunts every artist. How does one explain their thought process? Worse, how are you able to explain your thought process through words, a medium you’re not as familiar with?

Do you have an answer, are you expected to tell the truth? -the truth being that you were inspired by something as small as a rocking chair or as big a concept as emotion. Bend the truth to what seems to fit what the audience want’s to hear?

With the world we live in today an Artisan is so much more than an artist. They are an entrepreneur, selling what they’ve made. A social media expert, a marketing strategist and yes, the subject of countless interviews asking them to explain themselves.

Here are 5 ways we’ve developed to help us with the interview process:

  1. Go in with an agenda. When dealing with media or the press have something that you want to say. What’s your message?
  2. Use what you want to say to take control of the conversation. Find ways to relate those questions back to your intention.
  3. Practice. This is the most awkward part! Trust me, it works though.
  4. Ask for the questions before the interview so you have time to prepare. Whomever is interviewing you wants the best you, don’t be afraid to ask for the tools to make that happen.
  5. Get creative! That’s what you’re good at. If you’re having a hard time articulating yourself through words what are some other ways you can get that information to whomever is asking? I once made a short video!