Wear are you Now?

What My First Job Taught Me.

Remember that first job? Not the career job, but your FIRST job. For me, it was working part-time at a retail store during the holidays.

I was so excited. I must have been 15years old and already OBSESSED with clothing, fashion and style. I was already pretty good at styling and understanding people’s needs. Well, I get there, my first day and ready. Apparently I was well over-dressed because I was immediately sent to the back where I worked in unpacking and receiving. SUPER glamorous. I was so disappointed.

What I learned though was,

I actually don’t like retail. I like helping people build a relationship with clothing. Making > Selling ANY day of the week. Malls are dirty AF.

Those early jobs really help develop your style – believe it or not. Did you wear a uniform? Do you find yourself still wearing a “uniform” or rebelling from that idea of conformity?

We are a collection of our experiences. When working on understanding and developing that relationship with clothing are you able to pin-point a few experiences that have shaped who you are now?

Look at your closet. Do you have a “uniform”? Do you like the idea of a uniform or does it make you want to rebel? Although this idea of a uniform was part of the original concept behind a Capsule Wardrobe it doesn’t work for everyone.

If you’re one of those people who hates the idea of looking the same as everyone else think about the following that will help you with the methodology behind a capsule without having to conform to a certain number of pieces.

1. Can you style each piece at least 3 different ways? Having a standout piece is awesome but you should be able to make it the STAR of the look as well as the SUPPORTING CHARACTER to extend the cost per wear.

2. What feeling are you chasing when you’re looking for these standout pieces? Can that feeling be achieved in another way?

Do you have a uniform?
I do & I love it. I am that girl who has 3 of the same dress in different colours.

1. Do you have pieces that are the STAR or do you have a closet full of SUPPORTING CHARACTERS? You’re going to want a bit of a mix.

2. What feeling do you get when you look at your closet?