Versatility in your Wardrobe

Think about everything you do in a day.

I’m going to use Friday – because it’s the best day.

You wake up, brush your teeth, put on work clothes & outerwear, leave for work. Pick up coffee on the way, work for a bit, maybe flirt with a coworker. Your lunch break you go to the gym where you change into gym clothes. Head back to work, finish your workday. Go back home, change into going out clothes, and meet your friend for a drink. After spending the evening laughing and drinking wine you head home where you change into at-home clothes [girls, you know what I’m talking about] while drinking your nightcap and eating ice cream. You then change into your pyjamas and finally go to sleep.

Sound familiar? Now, how much time could you save if even a few of these pieces could overlap? Or you didn’t need to spend a day switching over your wardrobe from summer to winter?

Think about your closet and which pieces do you never wear? The pieces you bought because you, “wanted to add more colour” or “it looked so great on you” *cough PEER PRESSURE NONSENSE cough* guaranteed it’s because you didn’t go through this checklist. Next time you’re shopping online or with your friends ask yourself the following;

– What do you do every day? Do you work in an office? a gym? Do you go out? Does this new piece fit into the lifestyle you’re currently living?

– Does this colour fit into the colours you already have and wear? Do you wear prints? Does the print you’re looking at fit the colour palette you’re already working with?

– Let’s just be honest, if it says “dry clean only” are you really going to do it? Does this fit into your lifestyle?

– Do you work with a seasonal wardrobe? Every piece in your closet should be at least a 2-3 season piece.

– Does this new piece fit your style pillars?

Style Pillars are the core of your style. Who are you before clothing and does your wardrobe enhance that? Example, if you want to start evolving your style -like when you finally admit that maybe there are other colours besides black- does the piece you’re toying with fit the SHAPE, VIBE, STYLE that you already wear. If it doesn’t you won’t wear it.

CLICK HERE for your downloadable checklist