Two Things That Made My Life Way Less Stressful

We all deal with stress especially with the holidays just around the corner, which means financial obligations, and family members we really don’t particularly like. Here are two ways that help make my life way less stressful.

1) Learn to say no.

Stop doing or going to things that will cause you stress in the first place.

Don’t want to go to your part time job’s Christmas party? Then don’t go. Don’t worry about making up some elaborate excuse. Simply thank them for their invitation and politely turn it down. This seems like the easiest thing in the world, but in some situations it can actually be the hardest.

By learning to say no ahead of time you not only save yourself the stress from doing whatever it is you don’t want to do but you also save yourself all the stress leading up to the event in question.

2) Chew gum.

You think I’m kidding, but studies have shown that chewing gum causes brain waves similar to those of relaxed people and promotes blood flow to your brain. Plus your breath smells good which will make you less anxious about eating appetizers with garlic.

Of course I could tell you to do a number of other things to relax. Go to a yoga class, light a  candle, practice deep breathing, these things you already know. Next time your aunt asks you when you plan on getting a husband or your great uncle starts an unwanted conversation about how you’re choosing to raise your kids trying grabbing a stick of gum instead of excusing yourself to go to a yoga class, or set the house on fire by lighting a candle.

P.S. Never let your wardrobe be what causes you stress. You are in full control of what you chose to put in there.