Tie-Dye Trend

We can blame it on the quarantine but if we’re being honest, tie-dye was coming back anyway.

Trends are defined by their flighty nature and short-lived moment in the fashion limelight, but when we think about trends as a whole it’s easy enough to see the lifecycle that they work through. Fashion wants to take responsibility for setting the trends but that’s almost never been the case. Look instead to the youth culture if you really want to be ahead of the game and spot these trends before they hit the big stage.

Tie-dye became the crafter’s baking of this quarantine season and we saw Tik Tok blow up with tutorials and transformations of this easy DIY.

Let’s go back a bit further than Tik Tok though, like a few thousand years back. Tie-dye was an ancient dying technic that was developed in ancient Asia during the T’ang Dynasty between 618 and 906 C.E where natural elements were found and used to dip dye fabrics until the desired colour was achieved.

Click HERE for a Bleach-Dye tutorial

The technique made its way to India where a technic of dying called Bandhani was developed. Very similar to what we now know and love as tie-dye where bits of fabric were tied with twine and then dipped into the dye. The tied areas wouldn’t absorb the dye leaving an intricate pattern of swirls and dots.

We could go on and talk about the history of tie-dye for a while! But let’s jump ahead to when tie-dye hit America.

During the 1920s.

Not what you thought I was going to say eh? Tie-dye rose in popularity during the 1920s and remained popular throughout the ’30s and the Great Depression. Pamphlets describing the technic where distributed explaining how to tie-dye old cotton and pieces of fabric to breathe new life into their home decor during these economic hard times.

Starting to sound familiar?

We know tie-dye from the 1960s and ’70s where the Hippie movement began using vibrant colours and patterns to represent peace and love. America’s youth used this inexpensive technique to rebel against the strict social norms of the 1950s and wore it as a form of protest against the Vietnam War.

All that to say, tie-dye has been around for a while and was coming back anyway. We saw tie-dye hit the runways for SS19 when R13’s designer Chris Leba used a mix of tie-dye and camo during his RTW Runway collection. We also saw it in my collection but New York Fashion week sounds way more impressive.

Knowing how trends work is the easiest way to decide if they belong in your own capsule. If you’re thinking about ways to incorporate this trend into your summer capsule but aren’t sure if you’re ready to take the plunge try the following:

So how to incorporate this trend into your capsule wardrobe?

  1. Look for a two-tone tie-dye as your intro to this print. It’s easier to mix in with your standing wardrobe without multiple colours. The more neutral the tones the easier it will be to mix.
  2. Look for shapes that work for your body and style. Shape and cut are going to be much more important here to make you feel comfortable in your new piece.
  3. Don’t jump on the trend bandwagon if you’re not comfortable with this trend.

When trying out a new look BALANCE is key. With a young vibrant or loud print blend it with a mature cut or accessories. Here are your tools:

SHAPE (the cut of the garment)
COLOUR (or in our case print)

What’s great about personal style is that you get to determine where your balance is and which components you want to play with.

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