The Importance of Versatility in Your Wardrobe

How many times have you looked at a garment & thought:

“I love it, but it I don’t feel like wearing those [insert designated pairing here] today.”

Our brains do this. We put looks together and out of convenience wear the same look multiple times. I am not one to judge wearing the same thing twice, I love a solid outfit, but finding pieces that you can play with and wear multiple ways will stretch your closet to a potential you didn’t even know existed!

Going farther then splitting up a suit. Pushing the versatility of a garment goes past breaking up a suit or wearing your favourite jeans with both black t-shirts. It’s about having fun with your clothes and experimenting with different looks.

Here are some of our go-to tips to start playing with versatility!

1) Layer.

Try putting a long sleeve t-shirt under a sleeveless dress or a crop-top over a dress with a defined waist.

2) Go from day to night & night to day.

Challenge yourself to wear your wardrobe in a new way. Try styling that clubbing dress with a big oversized knit and high flat boots. Your favourite work pencil skirt with a long sleeve t-shirt and patterned tights.

3) Play with everything that’s not clothes.

This means; shoes, jewelry, hair bands, scarves, all of these little things can change an outfit completely. Giving you a whole new look!