The Evolutionary: Rachel’s Story

Click click click. CLICK. click click.

“UGH, I need to fix that “e” key.” Rachel said out loud to no one in particular as she reached across her desk for her cup of black coffee.

Taking slow sips, rereading a job posting for the fourteenth time. She had the interview set but she liked to be prepared.

Click. Her computer screen switched from LinkedIN to her resume. Just as she was about to spiral into the “do I meet all the qualifications spiral” phone buzzed. She looked down to see,

“I just need to grow 5 inches and I can pull this look off.” Attached was an image of a gorgeous tall model in three prints and faux fur from her friend Andrea.

Andrea was a total Artisan and could pull that look off regardless of her height. Smiling to herself she rolled her eyes and said exactly that.

“Mhmm, maybe. I would need to find the prints that I like together.” Andrea responded.

“I don’t know how you do that girl. I could never pull that off.”

“You for sure could.”

“Maybe? But I would feel weird and honestly with everything changing so much I don’t want to invest in pieces that I can’t wear a lot.”

“That’s fair.”


Rachel turned back to her computer. Scrolling through her job history, of which there was a lot, she hoped it wasn’t too long.

It wasn’t that she didn’t know what she wanted to do just that she changed careers after her divorce. Now in her 30’s, she felt ridiculous for getting married so early. At the time she was in love though and did what she needed to do to be with him.

It wasn’t a bad breakup, a classic tale of growing apart. Different desires about where to live were what started the fighting. Then once the fighting started it was downhill from there.

Looking down at her phone again she picked it up and started typing,

“If I’m a millennial that means I get a free pass for not knowing what I want all the time right?” she asked her friend Sam.

“Um, dude. Being human means you get a free pass.”

“Yeah but you know what you want. I just feel like I don’t REALLY know right now. I know what I don’t want but not exactly what I do want.”

“Well, if you know what you don’t want that’s something. And yeah, I have goals but it’s about the process. Things might change along the way but the goal stays the same, just the journey is different.”

“LOL said like a true personal trainer.”

“LOL. Maybe. Logic stands though. Want to grab a drink? We can chat about it.”

“For sure. I’ll head out in 5.”


Click. Close.

Downing the last bit of her coffee – yes, she drinks coffee at night. – she stood up from her desk.

She looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a simple sleeveless, A-line dress with a collar and a long necklace. It was the same thing she wore to work earlier that day. Thought about changing but opted for a pair of simple heels and an application of coral lipstick instead of a full-blown outfit flip.
She walked down to the bar where she saw Sam sitting on the patio. Sam was your classic Athlete. Tall, fit, long blonde hair and slightly intimidating when you first meet her but delightful if and when you got to know her.

“Hey girl, I ordered your favourite,” she called out as Rachel approached.

“Am I THAT predictable?”

“Um, yes.”


She sat down, smiling though as her usual gin-soda was placed in front of her.

“So what caused all this?”


“HUH? So I’m not going to be any help,” Sam said as she brought her beer up to her mouth.

“No, you are. Andrea just sent me a photo of this model with so much style and she has so much style and you have so much style (insert Sam’s left eyebrow arching as far as physically possible.) YOU DO! You look like an athlete.”

“I look like an athlete because that’s the only clothes I fit in.”

“I just don’t feel I know where I fit in.”

“You have an evolutionary style.”

“What does that even mean? I feel like you’re making things up.”

“I am. But think about it. You’re going through an evolution. So it makes sense.”

“An evolution?”

“Yep. I said it. You don’t know what your life is going to look like next year. You’re investing in classic, transitional pieces that are going to last you a long time. Evolutionary style. See?? I should have gone into fashion. Clearly, I know everything.”

“You know what, you’re not wrong.”

“I know this.”

“That does make me feel better. Like a modern-day Audrey Hepburn.”

“I don’t know who that is. But sure.”

“Stop. Now we have a bigger problem.”

The Evolutionary Character has gone through a transformation herself. The image on the right was the first idea I had of what she would look like. The sketch on the left is what you see today. I wanted it to have a more fashion and abstract feel to her so you could imagine yourself when you read her story.