Stop Going Through My Donation Box

Who else has that person in their lives that whenever you fill a donation box they demand to go through it, then next thing you know all the pieces you were ready to part with end up back in your closet?

It takes a lot of work and thought to go through your closet and pull out those pieces that you truly are not resigning with. That t-shirt you loved in high school, or that dress that (let’s be honest here) is never going to fit again but you still love it, it’s hard to let these pieces go sometimes! And it’s ok that it’s hard, but not ok when you go through the act of putting them  in that box and as you’re taking it out you’re stopped by your; mom, roommate, partner, sister and they ask to go through it.

“I might want something!”

Absolutely you let them go through the box and that’s not the problem here. The problem then lies when after that first wash that garment makes it back into your wardrobe for whatever reason and you’re back at square one.

I completely understand “not wanting to throw away something that’s still good” which is why we always recommend donation. That coat you love but don’t wear is doing nothing for anyone sitting in your closet. There are so many opportunities to pass on your unused clothing to someone less fortunate. Don’t let that mindset of “it’s still good” stop you from making someone else’s day and simplifying your life in the process.