About Us

I'm a millennial, I've had two jobs since I was old enough to have a job.

Like, most, of my peers. I have needed and developed this capsule wardrobe that has taken me from working all day at a swanky *ironic hair flip bridal shop to serving drinks all night at a grungy dive bar. All with a simple change of shoe and addition of a ponytail. The ponytail actually wasn't necessary, I just didn't like serving with hair in my face.

I don't believe that style and fashion should be for only the super thin or fit.

The whole concept of beauty changes from person to person and why shouldn't your wardrobe? I also don't believe that my body should be compared to a fruit basket or a timepiece from Harry Potter. Just because my body shape has larger hips then waist doesn't mean that I want to wear A-line skirts all the time. I believe that there are fundamental style tips that can be given across the board, no matter what your shape is.

Getting dressed up -or just dressed in general - should not mean putting on a costume. I am an Evolutionary, an Athlete, a Drama -sometimes- and an Artisan. This is who I am and how my clothes can express who I am. 

I believe in clothes that last more than a few washes and that made in Canada matters. 

- Rebecca