I deserve to love the way I look. Say it loud & say it, proud girl.

Think of the day where you felt the best. The most confident. Not the best day – the day where you felt the best.

Still thinking?

Got it?

Now, did you feel good in your outfit? It doesn’t matter if you can remember what you were wearing or not. I guarantee you looked good, which lead you to feel good, which lead you to have the best day ever.

Think I’m talking sh*t? Go on a first date in your best friends’ clothes, or that top your mum keeps telling you looks ridiculous on you.

Clothing is such a huge part about who we are & how we present ourselves to the world. It becomes a part of the story that you’re the star of. We become known for being the girl who only wears black, or the cool girl or the athletic girl. Sometimes it can also be a negative, the frumpy girl, or the girl who dresses crazy. Whatever the case may be, clothing is a part of our story and the beauty of it being our story is that you can rewrite the sh*t out of it.

I want you all to say this out loud and if you’re reading this on your phone with people around I want you to save it, write it, say it whenever you can.


Weird to say it out loud right? Like, we haven’t been taught this. We’re always told, “lose more weight”, “you shouldn’t wear that”. Well, enough is enough. Every damned piece of clothing that does not bring you joy CHUCK IT OUT THE WINDOW [ok, not literally cause I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. But you get what I’m saying.]

Now, you don’t have to be super done up. Look back to your style pillars. If you love a pair of sweat pants because you love what they can do for you [IE keep you warm] for sure. Keep them. But if you wear those sweatpants and the story you’re telling yourself is, “Meh, I’ll just wear sweatpants because nothing looks good on me.” then we need to start rewiring that magnificent brain of yours.

Here‘s how to start rewiring your brain:

1.) Know that there is a style, colour, shape, texture, vibe that looks great on you now. Exactly the way you are.
Start playing around and see what you like. Try the things you’re scared of. You never know, that crop top might be the exact piece you need.

2.) Say the above mantra every damned day.

3.) In your notes app write out one thing you like about the way you look every day. No repeats! Don’t cheat. So on those bad days where you’re not so sure you have a list a mile long of things that you wrote to help you through.

I am challenging you to do this for 30 days. Even if you don’t think you have a problem. If you resist it, it probably means you need it the most. I mean, look at me with meditation. Need a reminder? Here are some Desktop Backgrounds & some Phone Wallpaper to help.