How the Athlete Capsule All Started: My story

Around New Years, you know that time when we were all allowed to sit together, meet new people, and touch? I had gone for lunch with a group of friends. One of the women happened to be a bodybuilder and when it was announced that I was a fashion designer she sat down next to me and said, “I need a dress.”

Not scary at all. Here I am thinking the rest of that sentence is going to be,
“by tomorrow.”
“for my wedding.”
“for a gala.”

You know, the usual things designers get when it’s announced that they make clothes for a living. What I wasn’t expecting was,

“I have no dresses that fit my arms.”

I looked, she did have some very jacked arms. #goals.

“I’m too old to wear those skimpy stretchy dresses, but that’s all that fits me. Whenever I go to an event or wedding or something I would like to look nice and age-appropriate.”

So, here we are, nine months, a global pandemic, many tears, a few swear words later, and my own share in Red Bull earned (I like caffeine) we have the Athlete Capsule.

When I started building out the Athlete Capsule I wanted to make sure that the cut of the garments was designed for athletes but also the sizing. I went on a quest to destroy American Standard Sizing, which is also trash anyway – you can read about that here – to create a whole new size chart. One with wider shoulders, bigger biceps, smaller waists, and definitely some more room in the booty.

As I mentioned or alluded to I should say, it was not easy. I tested the product, made mistakes, made alterations. People on Tik Tok and Instagram don’t tell you about all the mistakes or how hard it is to do this. They make it seem like they snap their fingers and it all works out. It does not, friend. I for sure made mistakes and took on too much.

With this Capsule, I made five pieces that are designed to work within each other and mix and match with key existing pieces in your wardrobe. I wanted to try less but make them better. Sound familiar? As I continue to learn I’ll add more and do more but for now, here is the Athlete Capsule.

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