How I’m Going to Save You 61 Hours a Year

That’s two and a half days!

Too many times have a been greeted by a friend who’s first words out of her mouth are, “I’m so sorry I’m late!”

There are hundreds, maybe not hundreds but plenty, of reasons to be late. You sleep through your alarm, your dog decides to be a jerk, your kid decides to act like your dog, you forget things that are too important not to go back for, and the list goes on. Never again let your outfit be the reason you don’t get out that door.

Add up the time each morning it take you to get dressed. To look through your closet, hunting for that one specific black shirt, settling for something else when you can’t find it. Or putting on an outfit you thought would work then look in mirror and realize that it did NOT work. Some days take longer than others but we’ve found that on average it’s about ten to fifteen minutes.

“I’ll be ready in ten minutes.” – said every woman ever. Which we all know is a huge lie.

So here’s our challenge for you, set a timer on your phone every morning when you start looking for the day’s outfit. Keep a log and see how much time it really takes for you to get yourself ready for the day.

* Note: here are the rules  -rules make things fun right? Or is that just for my Evolutionaries?

    1. You have to like your outfit. That’s the whole point right? I don’t want you trying to beat the clock and end up feeling uncomfortable the entire day.
    2. No outfit repeats! If we can give you seven different outfits with only 5 pieces of clothing then with your overflowing closet I’m sure you can make this work.
    3. Tag us this week & let us know your timing! #rebeccarowetimechallenge #rebeccarowe  – I’ll play too! & at the end of our week let’s see how many minutes we spent trying to find the day’s outfit.

PS. I put on three different sweaters today before leaving the house, it took me twelve minutes before I decided on the one I wear all the time.