How I’m Going to Save You 61 Hours a Year: Part 2

You believe me now eh?

Now that you’ve seen first hand how long it can take deciding on what to wear on any given day (we had one of our followers clock in at thirty minutes! That’s an episode of Friends)

Let’s dive into how a capsule wardrobe is going to save you all that lost time. Working with a few select pieces in your closet you take away the decision process of deciding between your five favourite black shirts. Every piece that makes it into your wardrobe is perfect and versatile. Working with other pieces within your wardrobe as well as taking you through all your daily events.

(TIP: Spend more on less. If you invest in a good pair of trousers go that extra step to get them hemmed or altered to fit you. Same with a jacket or blouse. By investing in these small details they will boost the look of your pieces and you’ll feel better about wearing them. There is nothing worse when you start shopping because you hate your outfit. Do the work and make the few pieces you do have fit you.)

Would it surprise you that there was a study done that shows that the average woman spends $2000/year on clothes and that most women only wear 50% of what’s in their closet? Now do you get why I’m telling you to love what you wear!? Some of you may think that is quite the high number, but think about it. Throughout the year, every small purchase of a tshirt that you wore once or a Holiday sweater that was just too cute, it all adds up.

Here’s your next challenge. Now that you know what you wear, start donating what you don’t. Take back your time by only leaving yourself the best options.

For gently used workwear we recommend https://ottawa.dressforsuccess.org/.