Evolving Your Style

“That would look so good on you! Try it on.”

You’ve heard these words, girl, we all have. Your fashion friend who brings you shopping and you end up in a look that – admittedly – looks fantastic on you but fits NOWHERE into your personal style. Still you end up walking out of the shop holding a vintage suit in teal that you for sure will never wear. I may be talking from personal experience here.

We are not saying to never go shopping with those friends who push you out of your comfort zone because we honestly think that they are great people to have in your life and they make you think about the look you want to show to the world. It’s what you do after the fact when you now have a new suit hanging in your closet. We see two options;

Option One: !*$# it.

You try and make it work within your style. Star pairing it with pieces that you have in your everyday wardrobe. Look for new ways that make that piece feel like you. Can you layer it, accessorize it, dress it up/down? Check out places like Pinterest and Instagram and see if you’re ready to evolve your style and push yourself into a new look?

Which is okay, by the way! You’re a person and people change and grow. It only makes sense that your personal style would change and grow with you. It can be challenging to accept this change though, and we don’t recommend it for everyone.

Here’s how we recommend making the leap, start small. Integrate new pieces into your existing wardrobe slowly so it becomes more of a natural evolution rather than a full closet do-over.

TIP: If you decide to keep it, what other piece get’s donated? Remember the idea of a capsule wardrobe is to only keep the best pieces in your closet, the ones you really wear. That being said, if you keep the pressured purchase what are you willing to donate or toss?

Option Two: Donate it.

If you get home and realize this new piece really isn’t for you – totally fair – donate it or return it. Having random pieces in your closet is NOT something we recommend.