Evolutionary Capsule


Who is the Evolutionary Woman?

You are a passionate person who is driven towards success in everything you do. Your courage and dedication to your personal growth inspires those around you. Finding freedom from the parts of your life holding you back and focusing on what brings you forward in joy and courage, is your new mission in life. I love your quest for knowledge and your openness to learn from others. The journey of self discovery you are on is one of refinement, stripping away everything that does not serve you well so that you can uncover the heart of what makes you YOU.

Your life might not exactly be a straight path but you are not a quitter and you are not afraid to reinvent yourself or to change. Your style is evolving, moving from the person you were to the person you want to be now. Your desire to have your wardrobe actually reflect who you are has never been more strong – there’s no holding you back from your next steps! This capsule was designed with you in mind. To meet the needs of your changing life.

In a Capsule Wardrobe you need pieces that are:

  • TRANSITIONAL – Fluid items that adapt to your changing needs
  • FOUNDATIONAL – They offer you solid ground to build and rebuild yourself.
  • REFINED – Polished simplicity that never goes out of style.
  • CHALLENGING – They are an invitation to style growth and boundary extending.