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I love how you love the spotlight, you’re so in tune with your feelings and not only that but you are able to express them in a way that is all your own. Your energetic nature and vintage look lights me up whenever I see you dancing on the sidewalk. I just wanted to let you know. You are truly that sister that gets me up dancing and singing, never afraid to be yourself. Keep being you with your bold colours and fun patterns. You living your best you.

For you Drama Divas, a Capsule wardrobe offers:

  • ORDER – to reduce creative chaos.
  • DISTINCTION – So you’ll stand out in any crowd without looking a fool.
  • EXPRESSION – So your clothes will speak volumes about who you are and invite interest and intrigue.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE – So you’ll have Flexible Creativity to suit your every mood and never get bored with your wardrobe.


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