Canada Eh

Canada Day is around the corner and I know we are all eager to show some national pride! ESPECIALLY after being cooped up for so long.

Here are some easy ideas for showing some Canada love without falling into that fast fashion trap and ending up with a tee in your closet that you really only wear once a year.

1. Reuse

If you’re the type who loves getting dressed up in national colours and those tees with the Canadian flag then now is the time to go looking through your old stock and bring it back! I promise no one is going to remember exactly what you wore the year before and I mean, tie-dye is big this year! You can check out our tutorial for tie-dying & bleach dying HERE. Also, try out cutting and destressing. It’s a simple technique and a great way to bring a new style to your fast fashion tee.

2. Face-Paint or Makeup!

Who says that being festive means you have to wear an ill fitted shirt from Bangladesh? Try out this fun makeup idea.

3. Find your RED

Colours come in so many tones. Find a red that works for your colouring and ask yourself if it’ll work in your Capsule Wardrobe. If colour is something you’re comfortable with adding a new piece in our national colour is a great way to wear something new that you’ll be able to wear again and again. I find jewel tones are the easiest to work into your everyday wardrobe.

Identifying your own skin tone is the hardest part of this equation. The easiest method I’ve found is this: look at the underside of your wrist. See those veins? If you see blue or purple colours you have what’s known as a “cool” skin tone. If your veins appear green you have a “warm” skin tone and if your veins look light green or light purple you have a “neutral” skin tone.

Each skin tone can wear red, it’s more a matter of which red.

Check out Ford if you’re looking for an easy to rock red!

COOL: look for reds with more blue in them. Think a borderline between pink and red. Cherry, Rose, Magentas are all going to look amazing on you.

WARM: corals are going to look great on you. With the warmth in your skin I wouldn’t go Canada red but a soft flame, strawberry or salmon is going to be the bomb.com.

NEUTRAL: Go for those bold bright and beautiful reds. Your colouring can handle this colour and will thrive in that fall-inspired palette.

4. Wear Canadian Made!

Represent Canada in the best way possible, by supporting Canadian makers! Forgo the classic colours and opt-in for locally made pieces that bring a smile to your face throughout the year. Here are a few of my favourite local Canadian makers,

Andrea Shelley Designs [Montreal]
Vintage Glory [Ottawa]
Birch Jewellery [Ottawa]

Clothing [that’s not me]
Tangente Clothing [Ottawa]
Copious Fashions [Ottawa]
Stacey Martin [Ottawa

Have Fun & Stay Safe!