Building a Wardrobe That Fits Your Lifestyle

The first thing I want you to do is think about your life. Your real life, not the life you wish you had, the day to day, brush your teeth, take your kids to daycare, stay up till four in the morning doing homework, kinda life. -Just burst some bubbles eh?

What do you do every day, every week and is your current wardrobe meeting those needs? When going about building a capsule wardrobe this is the first step you need to think about. Way before you start thinking about your style even! Weird, I know, but how do you know what you need without knowing what your needs are right?

Now start having fun. Going through your closet! We feel like there are two ways of doing this:

Way One:

Pull everything out and I mean EVERYTHING, put it on the bed, blast some music and get er’ done. Pick up each piece and ask yourself if it fits the following:

  1. Does this FIT my lifestyle?
  2. Does this FIT my personality?
  3. Does this FIT my body?

If the answer is NO to any of the above donate it.

Way Two:

I personally love this technique. If pulling out your entire wardrobe is a little daunting, simply turn your hangers the opposite way in your closet after you’ve worn that piece. For folded clothes, after you’ve worn the piece put it back in a separate drawer or box. At the end of the month, you’ll be able to visually see which pieces you’ve worn and which pieces you haven’t.

Things to note; Consider the weather. You won’t be wearing your winter sweaters in the summer. Split your wardrobes into two seasons. Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Rotate out as needed.