How the Athlete Capsule All Started: My story
How the Athlete Capsule was inspired and a little behind the scenes of how it came into reality.
Sneakers & Skirts
Talking about how to style sneakers with skirts and why Keds are all about women's comfort.
INTERVIEW: Simplicity Coach @calm.curated
In a split society of wanting a simple life, drinking margaritas on a patio vs. hustling day and...
Stop Comparing your Body to Fruit.
Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought,“You know what? I really look like a...
“Must-Haves” are a MARKETING TOOL
Must have pieces are a marketing tool.
The Evolutionary: Rachel’s Story
Click click click. CLICK. click click. "UGH, I need to fix that "e" key." Rachel said out loud...
Fashion & Fashun
What fashion doesn't teach us, the how and the why to the end result.
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