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You should be so proud of yourself! You are out there moving your beautiful body, listening to it, lovingly shaping it, building your mind and your courage and your inner strength with every single squat, downward dog, burpy, chest press or mile you run. You’re climbing your way to a more happy, more whole version of you – one that is fully present in your own skin without shame or judgement.

Your busy life can make shopping for clothes seem like torture, especially when trying to dress your ever-evolving body. No wonder you are stuck in a rut of endless yoga pants! You don’t have time to try on a million things that won’t give you the flexibility and comfort you’ve already found in those tried and true lulul’s and the idea of “getting dressed up” seems like SUCH a hassle. You want to look your best but you have no idea where to start building a wardrobe that works for everything you need.

We GET IT, girl!


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