ARTISANS: Plaid is the new Neutral

Let’s face it, for all my Artisans black, grey, navy and brown is simply not a colour palette we like to work with. Can you say bor-RING?! Give us colour, texture, print! Otherwise why even bother getting dressed in the morning? Well, besides the obvious “social norms”.

We have a new design theory that we think our Artisans will really enjoy. Pick a classic print, plaid, pinstripes, polka dots, in colours that work well with the other pieces in your wardrobe.

We love blues and teals, which work splendidly with a bulk of the colour wheel. Treat this print as your new neutral.

Mix & match your plaids with other, more exciting prints, colours or textures to create a look that is more interesting to you than a classic cut trouser and printed shirt. With a more exciting or vibrant print pair it with a classic cut. The mix of styles will help build your creative and deliberate Artisan look.

Things to remember: play within your colour palette. Prints & textures work well together if they are:

  • within the same colour scheme
  • opposite on the colour wheel – we’re talking contrast!
  • there should be one print that pulls the focus. The zing if you will and everything else is there
    to support that zing. The zang.