Who We Are

We believe in timeless Style for Modern Expressive Women who refuse to fade into the background.

We think too tall women and too small women, and too loud women, and too bold women and women who have been told they are just “too much” are the most beautiful creatures on this planet.

We care about our community, our social responsibilities, and our role in steering the fashion industry away from the fast fashion trend.

We believe in the simple beauty of a capsule wardrobe with perfect tailoring that accurately expresses who you are.

Our Capsules

Are you wondering what a capsule wardrobe is? There’s an easy answer. A capsule wardrobe is a closet of between eighteen and thirty-three curated pieces designed to be versatile and interact with each other.

Love what you wear! What do you do every day? Every week? Is your current wardrobe meeting those needs? When going about building a capsule wardrobe this is the first step you need to think about. Way before you even start thinking about your style!

You’ve seen first hand how long it can take deciding what to wear on any given day, my goal is to save you dozens of hours picking out clothing by using a capsule approach. Working with a few select pieces in your closet you take away the decision process of deciding between your five favourite black shirts. Every piece that makes it into your wardrobe is perfect and versatile. Working with other pieces within your wardrobe as well as taking you through all your daily events.

See Artisan Capsule

Choosing Your Capsule

When choosing your capsule wardrobe it needs to express your true self. So you need to ask yourself if it fits the following: 

1) Does this FIT my lifestyle?

2) Does this FIT my personality? 

3) Does this FIT my body?

If you are unsure of any of these answers, check out my quiz to help you find your capsule match!

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In a world of disposable cheap clothing, we believe in the power of Timeless Style. Instead of a closet full of hardly worn random pieces, we offer streamlined, perfectly curated collections designed to simplify your life and express your true self.

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