$0.89 Banana Nice Cream

Ice Cream is my favourite sweet treat. I will not drink alcohol to save calories for ice-cream. [Yeah, I’m that girl.] So when I heard about Nice Cream I obviously started playing with the recipe until I perfected it.

Total cost per serving: $0.89 – Halo is $4.99/pint, which let’s be honest, is a serving.

[no protein powder] Calories /the whole damned thing: 493 – you won’t be able to eat it all. Makes about 4 servings [124calories/serving]

1. Take all your ingredients and put them into the blender.

NOTE: ATHLETES: this is a great way to get in a little extra protein. Don’t add the honey and sub in your choice of protein powder. I use Vanilla Whey powder but chocolate works, or any of your favourite flavours.

2. Turn the blender on, blend until you reach an “ice cream” like consistency. [you may need to add more nut milk/ more frozen fruit but I’ve found that this ratio works the best.]

3. Serve and top with your favourite toppings. Mine is chocolate chips but sprinkles, nuts, honey, whipped cream, cookies are also great options.

4. Snap a photo, post on IG, tag @capsule_creator [optional]

I have personally reworked this recipe with:

  • mango
  • triple berry mix
  • strawberry [not my personal fav – but it works]
  • pineapple

Sub in for the same quantity (about 1c – 1.5c)